О компании
О компании


The goal of the executive search company "Victory-Ukraine" is creation of the largest in Ukraine personnel reserve of the best top managers by means of implementing special projects, including the project "Golden personnel reserve of Ukraine, XXI century", in the framework of which broad-scale researches are conducted and the best executives are revealed: owners and co-owners of enterprises, top managers, as well as prospective young executives.

The task of "Victory-Ukraine" is to involve the newly found specialists into management projects as for changing of economic, social and political situation on both regional and national levels.

Our part is not that of searching for an abstract person to fill the vacancy existing in the structure. Our Customers need effective managers able to fulfill specific tasks and achieve results. Every manager has his/her own talents and priorities in his/her career. Companies working in one and the same market segment differ considerably one from another in their histories, development strategies, and corporate cultures. Therefore our task is to find a person able to join a new company and solve effectively the tasks set to him/her. The company "Victory-Ukraine" not only recruits the personnel, but also solves important strategic tasks for its Customers.

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