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О компании
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Our company has the potential required for the quality solving of the most complex personnel tasks for our Customers and the components of our potential are as follows:

  • Perfected work techniques allowing to find the most suitable contenders, including high-class top managers, within short terms and with the maximum effectiveness
  • Deep knowledge of the employment market
  • Wide circle of professional contacts and links in business, industrial and academic circles
  • Efficiently organized "elite" database of classified highest-class executives
  • Continuous researching work aimed to revealing the best specialists of Ukraine working in various fields
  • Long-term experience of successful international search in Russia, CIS, and Western Europe.

Any of our projects is a unique one; we apply individual creative solutions in each separate case. For instance, we not always use the method of Еxecutive Search to hunt for an appropriate candidate within competitive companies, whose business is somewhat similar to the profile of the Customer. Successful managers (including top managers) often work in other spheres of business, but possessing a required set of professional and personal qualities they are able to acquire necessary additional knowledge and experience within short period and solve the tasks set to them successfully.

We contribute to development of business of our Customers attracting to their companies top managers able to solve specific tasks effectively and achieve intended objectives. Our potential allows doing it effectively, and we consider our work as a success if we have reports on professional achievements of the manager found by us in a new company.

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