American Energy Corporation Emerson (130,000 employees)

Selected staff: Project Managers in Ukraine

German Corporation Schenker (90,000 employees)

Selected staff: 12 specialists (IT-director, head of the transport department, Head of Sales Department, Financial Controller, Leading Logistics Managers)

Indian Corporation Genom Biotech (50,000 employees)

Selected staff: HR Director in Ukraine

System Capital Management, SCM Holding (300,000 employees)

Selected staff : International Lawyer with international arbitration

ATB-market Corporation (40,000 employees)

Logistics Department of the Corporation was formed: selected staff includes Logistics Director, Deputy Logistics Director, Head of Transport Company

Kiеv Investment Group Holding (the holding capitalization – 3 billion $)

Selected staff: Head of Business Unit

Charivnitsa Corporation (3,000 employees)

Selected staff: HR Director, National Brand Manager

Conti Confectionery Corporation (7,000 employees)

Selected staff: Marketing Director (transferred from Coca-Cola), Advertising Director

Lauffer International Holding (6,000 employees)

Selected staff: Chief Financial Officer, 4 business branches leaders

Logos Corporation (5,000 employees)

Selected staff: Strategic Development Director

As well as a set of other projects in the area of selecting top-managers for other respected and well-known corporations.