When it is necessary to select candidates who have decisive influence on a company’s business, are able to create a development strategy and ensure its implementation, the headhunting technology is applied.

Headhunting means the consultants’ ability to find the very right exclusive professionals, top managers, who are not currently looking for a new job. It is very important to get on the right side of such people (which is far from simple), convince them of the need to meet, and properly present all the advantages of a new job during negotiations. It is often the only way to achieve the result.

Careful selection of candidates based on their professional and personal qualities, and motivation shall be parallel to such work. A consultant uses sophisticated interviewing tools that have been developed over many years of hard practice and checks references. All this allows to select the top candidates that fully meet the Customer’s requirements.

It is often not too simple to select the right person due to high level of all the “finalists.” A candidate who is the most compliant with corporate culture is typically employed — or the final selection can be based on emotional perception of a future colleague.

As a rule, people that bear high responsibility for the decisions made are called top executives — rather then those on imposing positions. A top manager shall be able to think strategically and fundamentally change a company’s business. Such specialist shall have own success story in a company and sufficient experience.

Headhunting is a top-class recruiting. Extensive business contacts and experience, knowledge of wide range of information are of top importance. The business is complicated by the fact that you have to communicate with very different people and companies and affect their fortune. The work is not seasonal — people are always needed, each time ASAP.

Headhunting and recruiting use fundamentally different candidate assessment methods. While a recruiter shall find a specialist with a maximum compliance with an employer’s job description, a headhunter shall assess a person as a whole, their managerial potential and personal characteristics.